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Take some time
to take care of yourself
it is the real secret of beauty.


Your private SPA to reserv, for a fee.
(from 14.00 to 16.00 or from 16.30 to 18.30)
Two hours of dedicated area just for you and your family
Maximal for 4 persons (not suitable under 16 years)


Purifying and detox path.
Promotes the elimination of metabolic slag and stagnation
excess fluids through increased perspiration of sweat.
Called the "pharmacy of the poor" it is a real cure-all for the body.
The pores of the epidermis dilate, purifying the skin and freeing it of toxins.
Sweating promotes the elimination of liquids that tend to stagnate in the body.
The beneficial effects are multiple: from muscle relaxation, better circulation, immune system strengthening, excellent anti-stress.


A burst of cold water spray with stimulating mint flavor.
It has a relaxing, invigorating and invigorating action.



Outdoor - walking barefoot on surfaces that continuously change the consistency, and appear uneven,
stimulates the reflex zones of the foot by returning to the sources of foot reflexology.
The health benefits are manifold.
The discharge of dissonant energies leads to a beneficial balance that pervades the whole body.



After the journey, a gentle relaxation on the comfortable chaice longue,
enveloping and ergonomic
who welcome the body in a soft embrace
to rest, read, meditate
and sip herbal tea
for the reintegration of lost liquids.